We Have Hundreds Of Solutions That You Can Benefit From.

Interlink Engineering has been partners with world’s most renown manufacturers and leaders in the industry. Few of the technologies that we offer are listed below.

Coding Solutions

Interlink Engineering has a privilege to be the sole distributor of Domino that is world’s leading manufacturer of coding and marking products.

Packaging Solutions

Interlink has been partners with Thermo Going Kerr and Siat who are world’s renown brands in packaging industry.

Inspection Solutions

Vision inspection systems are used to reject incorrectly labeled products, leaking packages and unreadable barcodes during production.

Mobility Solutions

Interlink Engineering provides a wide range of mobility solutions that include rugged mobile computers and hand held printers for warehousing and other industries.

Labelling Solutions

Label and labelling has been one of our other divisions that provides different labelling solutions across Pakistan.

Software Solutions

Interlink has a fully functional in-house software team that helps with integration of different software and hardware solutions.